By working with our professional partners closely and by listening to their exact needs we are able to provide a great service that reduces their workload whilst delivering perfect results for the end user every time.  Our professional partners benefit from over 10 years of design and project experience enabling them to maximise the return on investment for their clients or for the re-sale market.



In working with Living our professional partners benefit from a proactive in-house design department offering on-site or remote meeting services for the end user and the project staff which dramatically improves the information flow on the project to ensure a smooth transition between design, installation, commissioning and ultimately, aftercare. With our unique ability to integrate and utilise any manufacturer’s products we are able to eliminate any confusion or grey areas within the design process. Our own project management staff ensure continuity and consistency throughout the entire length of the project to make sure that the desired outcome is always achieved.



Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes


As CEDIA Certified Outreach Instructors, Living is now able to offer a RIBA certified seminar on Designing Integrated Future-Ready Homes. This seminar looks at traditional cabling methods and outlines the benefits of new cabling methods to allow for future technologies to be integrated. Systems covered include Lighting, Heating, Security, Audio/Video and Home Integration.


The seminar lasts around 40 minutes and gives a good insight into what should be allowed for in modern homes. We also draw on our years of experience to give recommendations on what to include within your designs and we’ll also have a few examples for you to look at.

To book one of our CPD's please call to make an appointment or send an email with your next available dates.  We would love to come and talk to you over lunch.

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RIBA Certified CPD Presentations


As part of Livings constant commitment to education and awareness within the Home Technology industry we are able to present RIBA certified CPD's on behalf of CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation  Association and Amina, the market leaders in Plaster In Speaker technology.  To increase our range of education we are creating our own series of CPD's.  Please click here to book your CPD.