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The corner stone of any modern home is the centrally located Audio/Video (A/V) Distribution System. By locating all of your media in to a single space we are able to simplify operation and minimise impact on your interior design


Our centralised Audio/Visual Systems will often house your TV boxes such as Sky or Virgin, your media players such as Blu-ray or Kaleidescape Servers and your music players such as iPods or music servers, bringing all of these items in to one neat purpose built location or rack. We design each of our Audio/Visual Systems to distribute your media to the required rooms with the minimum of fuss and input from you, often 2 or 3 actions on one of our bespoke touch screens will bring the desired operation.


We firmly believe that it is impossible to build your perfect system by assuming that we know and understand how you work, live and play in your home and thus insist on a design led service for your solution. We can then guarantee your Audio/Visual System will be built around your exact needs. Our unique design led service not only provides the perfect system for you but helps us keep our finger on the pulse of what clients want and need within their homes.



Centralising and hiding your media

Simplifying control

Minimising impact on in-room aesthetics

Providing access to all media across the whole home

With over 10 years experience you can trust Living - The Home Technology People to bring you the exact service and system you need for your project.



Centralised Audio/Video distribution

iPod/Music distribution

Simple control systems using remotes, touchscreens, Android devices or iPads

Carefully selected speaker solutions including invisible Amina plaster over speakers, B & W speakers and Kef.

Temperature controlled equipment racking solutions

Sky, Virgin, FreeSat, Freeview, DVD, Blu-ray, Apple, Kaleidescape & PC distribution and controls

TV setup and installation including bracketry, connection, calibration and programming

Living - The Home Technology People



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RIBA Certified CPD Presentations


As part of Livings constant commitment to education and awareness within the Home Technology industry we are able to present RIBA certified CPD's on behalf of CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation  Association and Amina, the market leaders in Plaster In Speaker technology.  To increase our range of education we are creating our own series of CPD's.  Please click here to book your CPD.