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We believe that technology should only be implemented if it improves and enhances our lives. With that in mind we have designed our automation systems to be simple to use as well as robust and reliable.


With the help of several large scale manufacturers we have been able to design our own unique Home Automation Solution. In doing so we have designed and implemented several industry firsts to achieve a truly minimalist look for your home, removing the need for unsightly, in room heating thermostats, air-conditioning controllers, audio/video keypads, security panels, door entry phones, plant control and in some cases even light switches. Each system within your home will be integrated and controlled through one simple to use interface ensuring your home technology has very little impact on your interior design ideas. At Living we firmly believe that less is more when implementing home automation, huge in wall touch screens dominating every room were all the rage 10 years ago, but now this is making way for an understated design led solution with as little visual impact as technically possible. The home automation system of tomorrow is here today, call us for expert and friendly advice today.


Home automation also has an Eco role to play in our day to day lives giving your property a smaller carbon footprint.  Using occupancy sensors, light level sensors and being able to pinpoint your property location using longitude and latitude, coupled with knowing the sunset, sunrise and daylight savings hours, the system can ensure the correct light levels are being used when required.


Home Automation is perfect for:


Automating/Controlling of larger residences

Off site control and monitoring of systems

Reducing the amount of input required on a day to day basis

Reducing the visual impact of control systems such as heating, cooling and lighting

With over 10 years experience you can trust Living - The Home Technology People to bring you the exact service and system you need for your project.


Living - The Home Technology People



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RIBA Certified CPD Presentations


As part of Livings constant commitment to education and awareness within the Home Technology industry we are able to present RIBA certified CPD's on behalf of CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation  Association and Amina, the market leaders in Plaster In Speaker technology.  To increase our range of education we are creating our own series of CPD's.  Please click here to book your CPD.