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Lighting Design and Lighting Control both have the ability to make or break a project. Our simple yet effective design and installation process enables us to truly tune in to what you need and deliver our results perfectly every time.

Lighting Design and Lighting Control has the potential to make or break a project and is an important part of our services.  This vast and sometimes daunting subject can be  for many of our clients. Making sense of the current legislation, modern materials and desired outcome is a difficult task, and one that should be trusted to experts with a proven successful project history. Expertly designed and installed Lighting and Lighting Control can compliment a project and add that special something, whether marrying modern materials to Edwardian splendor or adding that wow factor to contemporary living space, lighting is a wonderful and exciting way to present your home to family and friends.

Lighting Design and Control is perfect for:

Amazing lighting effects to compliment your home or project.


Simple to use control methods.


Utilising modern low energy solutions to satisfy current legislation.


Silent, simple to use dimming


Our lighting designs can be laid out in in 3D or 2D using AutoCAD.

Before we commence work we will need your approved plans in 1:50 scale

All of our lighting control systems utilise state of the art labelled switches and touch screens to ensure your system is extremely simple to use, even for the complete technophobe. Lighting control enables you to select how you light your home with the minimum of fuss, adding useful features such as all off, scene control, silent dimming and external lighting control from simple to use wall switches, touch screens, smart phones and smart pads.

Our Lighting Design Service:

Initial meeting with your designer to narrow down your ideas for the project

Design team integration. By meeting and integrating with other members of the design team, we can minimise overlaps and mistakes

Work commences on the design and will take up to 4 weeks before a first draft can be issued for approval

Amendments made to the initial draft for approval and work commences on product location

Lighting products put together for client approval, this includes such things as colour temperature of lamps, materials, fittings and behind the scenes units such as dimmers, transformers and cabinetry

Final draft of lighting design is issued for the tender process, usually 6 - 8 weeks from first the meeting

Tender process period where we are asked to help evaluate installation contractors

Final lighting product schedule put together and added to the site installation folder

Project commences and we help oversee the installation process

Final completion and commissioning

Scene Setting and Testing

Instruction and Handover


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As part of Livings constant commitment to education and awareness within the Home Technology industry we are able to present RIBA certified CPD's on behalf of CEDIA, the Custom Electronic Design and Installation  Association and Amina, the market leaders in Plaster In Speaker technology.  To increase our range of education we are creating our own series of CPD's.  Please click here to book your CPD.